altFLOOW2 Healthcare is the first sharing marketplace for healthcare organizations on which they can rent out and sell (temporarily) idle equipment, facilities, excess stock and knowledge of staff. This is called asset sharing.  All supply and demand made available on FLOOW2 Healthcare are visible for other (healthcare) organizations in the world. This 1 minute animation shows how it works. Asset sharing is an innovative concept that fits in the transition towards a more circular economy. By sharing their assets, organizations can gain financial, CSR and social advantages, see also this article.

Internal and network sharing
Besides the global open sharing marketplace FLOOW2 Healthcare, we
​ primarily​
facilitate networks and organizations with closed sharing marketplaces on which they can connect members, or departments and facilities and optimize usage of capacity they already own. The below image shows results of an early adopter:

​Sharing assets is a radically innovative way of managing capacity. In new markets we usually work with partner organizations who want to introduce this concept to their network. These partners come in a great variety organizations: they can be suppliers, media partners, networks, consultancy firms etc.  It would be great if you know of any potentially interested organization open to taking on a new challenge for a more sustainable healthcare system and incorporate sharing assets in their services portfolio.

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