Meylan, France, September 9th, 2022 - NH TherAguix ("NHT"), a French clinical biotech specialized in the development of innovative nanomedicines for the treatment of cancer by radiotherapy, announces today the arrival of Dr. Olivier de Beaumont as Chief Medical Officer from September 22.

Oncology specialist, Olivier de Beaumont will bring his expertise to NHT clinical development. Especially, based on its preliminary very encouraging Phase 2 results, NHT is deepening its registration strategy. Olivier de Beaumont succeeds Dr. Markus Loeffler who has been on this mission for 3 years. Olivier de Beaumont will be in charge of the company’s clinical development strategy, its validation by regulatory authorities and its operational implementation, with a view to register the candidate drug AGuIX®. He joins the Management Committee of NHT with Géraldine Le Duc (CEO) and Hervé Brailly (Chairman).

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